Help needed: yard signs

Yes, it’s time for yard signs, and I have two kinds to choose from:

First, I have signs available which were produced by the PAC/parent group which is supporting the four challenger candidates, “Parents for Kids.”

Second, I will have yard signs to promote my own candidacy available in about a week’s time.  These are fairly straightforward signs of the sort you’ve seen everywhere else.

Why do I have signs for just myself in addition to the PAC signs?

First of all, I wanted to highlight the fact that we are not a “slate” with uniform viewpoints.  Unlike the current “slate,” we will not make decisions in lockstep, and that’s extremely important.  Having signs with all four candidates’ names as well as my own yard signs, I believe, helps reinforce this.

Secondly, I wanted to offer supporters a way of showing their support for me whether or not they choose to support the challenger candidates in general.

So please let me know — by e-mailing me via the “contact” page — if you’d like a yard sign of one or the other kind, or if you know someone who would, especially if they have a home or business where it could be displayed prominently at a major road, or in areas outside my own “home base” of Pioneer Park.  Depending on logistics, I can drop off signs or you can pick them up at my home.

Finally, while I have not personally been seeking out donations, if you want to defray the cost of a sign or two (or one or two dozen), that would also be appreciated!  Up until sign pick-up (in a week), you can write a check to the sign company directly for added assurance that it goes to this purpose; contact me for details.  To donate to the “Parents for Kids” PAC to support all four candidates, visit their website at this link.   (Note that the “Parents for Kids” PAC is a proper PAC with all the applicable paperwork; because I expect my personal expenditures and any donations received to stay well under the applicable limits, I have not done so.)

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