Thank you’s – and other day-after reflections

It’s the day after the election, and the incumbent Slate picked up another win — not a real surprise, as we were clearly the underdogs, especially after the various events of the past several weeks.   The other challengers and I gave them a good run for the money, and, despite efforts to tar me as racist and a generally bad person, I finished at the top of the four challengers, which gives me reason to believe any opposition generated by the March board meeting blindside and angry posts in Facebook groups was offset by supporters mobilized to vote by those actions.

In the end, not counting any mail-in ballots that might still come in, I had 8,074 votes.  The lowest of the incumbent slate had 10,108, so slightly more than 2,000 more votes than that.

Could I, could we have made up that gap —

if I hadn’t lost a weekend of door-knocking due to the emotional hit of the board-meeting blindside?

if the Daily Herald editorial board hadn’t endorsed the incumbent slate despite their admission that they operate behind the scenes?

if the union hadn’t sent out its postcard using the D214 logo to imply endorsement, and the Superintendent hadn’t refused to comment?

if the Superintendent hadn’t timed the full reopening to coincide with the election?

if an unrelated personal matter hadn’t taken much of my time and energy in an unplanned way?

if I hadn’t been navigating the strategy and trying to work out, from scratch, how to best get my message out, and if I hadn’t been learning as I went along, about what my key concerns were, as I watched the academic year play out and researched the board’s actions?

There are a lot of ifs.

But it’s time to look forward.  A group of parents are discussing ways to continue as an advocacy and watchdog group, to pressure the school board, to finally start appealing the denied FOIA requests, and to put us in a better position for finding the best possible candidates to support in two years’ time.  WATCH THIS SPACE!

In the meantime, I’d like to thank

My fellow challenger-candidates, Tony Rosselli, Jackie Ryan, and Richard Menninga, all of them first-timers to this sort of activism.

The parents at D214 Parents for Kids and the Re-Open 214 Facebook group, including Laura, Lara, Kathy, Monica, Mairin, Denise, Renee, and Frank, who lent not just moral support but who organized the PAC, raised money, and designed, purchased, and distributed PAC yard signs and brochures, and who helped distribute my own brochures, as well as the unknown donors who funded the PAC’s efforts.

Jay and Dick, who also helped with my own signs and brochures, and others including Steve, Mike, Christine, Tina, Joe, and Lois,  who placed my signs in their own yards and those of family and friends.

The many others who reached out to me via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail to share their words of support.

And the 8,073 voters (that is, not counting myself) who cast their vote for me in the election.

Thank you!; Ashashyou, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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