My name is Elizabeth Bauer and I ask for your vote as an independent candidate in the election for Township High School District School Board.

There’s much that’s great about the district schools and families are generally happy with their children’s education.  But there remain improvements that can, and should, be made.

My platform, in brief:

  • Build a culture of transparency and oversight.
  • Move from a “school district with three destination schools” to a district in which all schools work together to meet the needs of at-risk students and provide balanced opportunities for all students at all schools.
  • Increase the responsiveness of the school board and the schools themselves to concerns of families and the community.

Other issues of concern include:

  • Increasing community communication and involvement, both in serving the community and reaching out to the community with volunteer opportunities. 
  • Maintaining honors classes at all schools and preserving level-appropriate rigor in instruction/grading.
  • Keeping politics and ideology out of the classroom, and ensuring students believe they can share any concerns without retaliation.

I am clear-eyed about this election.  I know that the incumbent “Friends of District 214” slate is well-funded and has the advantage of incumbency.  In the event that I am elected and serve alongside 6 “slate” members, I will do my best to engage them in these efforts and place issues on the agenda one way or the other.  

Thank you for your support in the April 4, 2023 election!


Note:  all photographs are my own or public domain.