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Like many others, I’ve long assumed that local elections pretty much just took care of themselves.  School board, library board — whoever gave a second thought to these offices when state and federal elections garnered all the attention?

But we’re learning from decision-making around the covid pandemic that it does matter and we ordinary citizens need to step up.  The school board and the school administration must be accountable to the families and taxpayers of the district.  For too long, school board members have simply rubber-stamped administration decisions.  Worse, a “slate” of candidates have ensured their continued re-election in a way that violates the spirit, if not the law, of school governance.

In the short term, I believe the school district should be prioritizing school re-opening, using all available metrics and data, including successes elsewhere, rather than being held back by fear.

But even beyond this crisis, the school board and school administration have demonstrated a lack of transparency, and have failed to take into account all students’ best interests when making their decisions.

The bottom line:  as I hope to be saying in-person:

My name is Elizabeth Bauer and I ask for your support and your vote in the April 6, 2021 election.




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