I am

. . . a parent

. . . a community volunteer

. . . an actuary

. . . a taxpayer

I have three sons:  a Rolling Meadows graduate, a current Rolling Meadows senior, and an eighth-grader at Our Lady of the Wayside.  My oldest and middle sons were/are in the Meadows band; my middle son is also involved with theater tech crew, and had been a part of the Wildstangs robotics team.  My youngest hopes also to be in his older brothers’ activities.

I currently volunteer as the treasurer for the Music Boosters, which supports the various music programs at Rolling Meadows High School, as the Advancement Coordinator in Boy Scout Troop 161, and as the “milk captain” at Our Lady of the Wayside. In pre-pandemic days, I volunteered as the “coffee lady” coordinating after-service coffee & donuts.

I am a credentialed actuary, worked for many years in a major consulting firm, and am now an independent actuary and freelance writer.  You may have seen my articles at Forbes or my commentaries at the Chicago Tribune.  While my focus is on retirement, you can be sure that as an actuary, I know a thing or two about math in general.

And I have lived in the school district since 1996, and like everyone else have seen my property tax bills increasing far more than inflation.