Latest news – February 21, 2023

Meeting and Greeting, and discussing district issues

Early voting is less than a month away!

Here’s an update on the latest goings-on with the election.

Meet & Greets

Together with Misa Edwardsen, and hosted by mutual supporters, I spoke with a group of voters last Wednesday evening, discussing everything from school safety to provisions for special needs kids to campaigning strategies.

This coming Monday, February 27, we will hold another event, this time at Rep’s Place, from 6 – 8 pm.  You’re welcome to order drinks, appetizers or dinner off the menu, or just stop by and say hello.  I am hoping not only to tell you what my concerns are, but also to listen and hear what concerns voters have.  I will also have yard signs and brochures (and I presume Misa will as well).

League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

The LWV forum is coming up on Thursday March 2, beginning at 8:15.   Although it is officially hosted by the Arlington Heights library, it will be on zoom.  Please mark your calendar and look for a registration link on the library’s website in the next week or so.

Many people I’ve talked to have expressed the concern that the LWV is politically biased and their questions won’t be fair. This may be true, but I intend to make the best of it.  In 2021, the LWV invited the community to submit questions ahead of time.  Please consider submitting a question, for example, about the board’s practice of behind-the-scenes decision-making or whether the board has an obligation to vote on significant changes such as eliminating honors classes (which Kreutzer denies, but that’s a whole ‘nother story, and multiple EGHS parents have told me the “earned honors” classes are taught at grade level, not at an honors level).

Campaign brochures

Those of you who attended the February 15th forum will have seen my draft trifold brochure, which is now at the printer’s.  (As always, I could use some contributions to offset their cost.)  I hope to have these ready to go by the time of Monday’s event, and will be asking everyone whose contact info I have, to join with me in pavement-pounding, including:

  • their own neighborhoods,
  • neighborhoods in Elk Grove, the one part of the district (so far as I know) with hotly contested elections for other races, so that turnout is likely to be higher than elsewhere,
  • the Arlington Heights and Mount Prospect train stations on weekday mornings, and
  • outside the Senior Center or other high-traffic areas.

If I don’t otherwise reach out to you, please contact me and I will drop off for you as many brochures as you think you can distribute.

In a low-turnout election such as this one, a personal conversation is always most effective, so if you feel comfortable ringing doorbells and trying to talk to folks, that’s even better.

Yard Signs

I hope you’re seeing some yard signs around town by now!  I have started to get them out to those who have requested them.  Some folks I haven’t yet crossed off the list, so please sit tight.  And if you want a sign but haven’t asked, please go to the “Support” page and fill out the form, or the “Contact” page to send me a note!

A note of clarification

Misa Edwardsen and I are not a slate and are each fundraising and campaigning separately, but are co-hosting events such as last week’s and the upcoming Meet & Greets, because we share a common supporter base, both with respect to event organizers, and those likely to be interested in attending.  You are welcome to hand out only my literature, or both mind and Misa’s, or, well, I won’t take offense if you choose to direct your support towards her entirely — it’s up to you.

Finally, just for fun

Two weeks ago, I participated in a candidate forum held by the Local 1211 teachers’ union.  While I didn’t expect to receive their endorsement, I thought it would be worthwhile to at least reach out to those teachers who might not go along with the “party line.”  Today I checked their twitter feed:

Go ahead, take a look!  Did they intentionally choose a picture with a bit of a crazy-eyes expression?  Is that just what I look like when I’m speaking?  You tell me!